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Nothing is more important than the pool cue tip you use!! If it doesn’t feel right – it’s not right! Talisman Cue Tips can give your game new dimensions, give you new confidence and make those league nights much more fun.

That’s a pretty wild claim you may think, but read on until the end of this page and I will tell why I can say this with authority.

Talisman Billiards has nearly 20 years of experience in making layered cue tips. In that time we have learned a heck of a lot. We have experimented with so many different glue mixtures and production techniques. (You wouldn’t believe it.!!) From all of this we have perfected the process and have made a substantial Investment in the latest technological machinery.

The results, the New Talisman Trinity cue tips. These cue tips are a large step forward in comparison with what is available elsewhere on the market today. Our tips are consistent in quality and hardness, both between the hardness grades and from tip to tip. So many of the single layer tips currently on the market are so inconsistent, in some cases a percentage can’t even be used. Talisman consistency is the basis of our business and very strict quality control standards ensure that all products meet the rigid standards imposed. Our secret glue formula used with only the very highest quality raw materials have created cue tips that are just a dream to play with. You will notice this from the very first game you play, after having installed a Talisman. They may take an hour or two to initially settle down, during which time you may have to reshape a little. After that they should require very little maintenance.

Why Talisman Tips?

Here are just a few of the features Talisman Trinity Tips Offer

No Mushrooming

Superior ball control

Precise english + masse

Increased personal confidence

Greater consistency

Holds the chalk much longer

Far outlasts single layer tips

Lastest technology

100% Satisfaction guaranteed

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What cool people say?

Keith Josey

Cuemaker - www.joseycues.com

Just wanted to let you know how much I loved your tips. These are the best I have ever used with no mushrooming or loss of shape, and it doesn’t take much to scuff it. I have been making cues a long time and I have now decided to switch to the Talisman Pro tips for all my custom cues.

Mike Berezny

 Palmetto Cue Repair

Talisman Trinity tips from a cuetech’s standpoint. Easy install, they machine and shape well. Installed one on a good friends cue about a month ago. He let me play with/inspect it. Seems to have kept it’s shape well and gives pretty lively cue action when needed. Great tip to try if you if you haven’t tried one. I have a limited few tips that I recommend to folks looking to try something different. Talisman is one of them!

Daylin Maharaj

Pro Player

I just wanted to take a second to thank you for your incredible layered tips! I've tried many tips on the market and I keep reverting back to Talisman, it's the tip I feel most comfortable with and makes me feel as if I'm capable of doing absolutely anything with the white ball. I've tried tips suggested by world champions right down to tips suggested by the guy who never quite knows what he's doing in the bar! I can safely say that anybody looking for an incredible tip that will have you feeling comfortable with playing any shot imaginable, whilst improving the consistency of every shot so that you hopefully won't have to play a shot that's usually only imaginable, should most definitely try a Talisman tip. It's the tip you just can't go wrong with, even if you try! Thank you again for your incredible product!

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