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Welcome to Talisman Billiards

Hi my name is Tony Jones and I am the owner of Talisman Billiards & Cue Tips

As many of you are probably aware Talisman Cue Tips have been helping some of the top Snooker and Pool players for a number of years. With this new site I hope to offer a number of new products and expand my business. I am happy to deal direct with individual players, clubs and wholesalers, my tips are used worldwide by some great players.

Talisman Cue Tips can help you consistently play better and make more shots

Many teachers have said, that to advance in the game of Billiards, the student must master the art of cue ball control. Just about everyone will tell you that… I can offer you something that will help you take a large step towards that mastery.


Don't Just Take Our Word For it! Here's What Our Customers Think:

  • Image of Joshua Hornbeck

    The tips are amazing. I have played everyday since I have put the tip on which has been 4 months or so. No glazing over no mushrooming. I will be sticking with this great tip for along time. - Joshua Hornbeck

  • Image of Mathew Gregg

    . . . Reminds me of a cross between the old moori mediums and the tiger sniper tips. Which were my favorites. A lot of others that I’ve let try the tip were really impressed by the feel as well. - Mathew Gregg

  • Image of Simon Stevens

    . . . It took me a few games with the tip until I was really going a full steam, ball control was effortless and my confidence began to grow with each shot. Please, Please. Please release these tips soon as I have players in my league team that are screaming for them. - Simon Stevens

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