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Cue Tip Installation

Cue tip installation suggestions, submitted by one of our regular cue maker customers. We suggest printing this page or downloading a text file to print out. Click here for the text file. I found that the best way to install a layered tip is this:
  1. Sand the bottom of the tip as usual.
  2. Put superglue gel on both the ferrule and tip, smear together, pull apart, wait a few seconds, put tip on ferrule and hold in place with a steady pressure of some kind, wait ten minutes.
  3. Trim down the side of the tip to finish size, sand lightly, burnish (sometimes I leave a 1 degree angle on the side of the tip to allow for mushrooming, not a problem with Talisman tips).
  4. At this point the tip is much too long and unshaped, so I use a single cutting bit in the lathe to remove .015 from the side of the tip to the point where such a cut would intersect the eventual desired dome shape. Talisman suggests that the height of the side wall on a finished tip be less than 1/3 of the shaft diameter. So on a 12mm shaft the sidewall should be less than 4mm.
  5. Then I remove another .015 from the side of the tip until it intersects just further out on the dome.
  6. Keep removing .015 and stopping just short of the prior cut ... this will eventually approximate the dome shape and the advantage is that this procedure is less stressful on the tip and doesn't delaminate it (which can be a problem).
  7. Now the tip is roughly dome shaped but very rough and needs to be shaped with a mill file and sandpaper ... use gentle pressure with the mill file to avoid delaminating the tip. The main point is to be gentle. Do not do anything to generate too much heat and afterwards do not apply water to the sides for burnishing, too much can cause the leather layers to separate. A properly installed Talisman tip will give you months if not years of pure satisfaction at the table.
We care very much for all our customers and take full responsibility for our products if you experience any problems, please contact us.

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