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Nothing is more important than the pool cue tip you use!! If it doesn’t feel right – its not right! Talisman Cue Tips can give your game new dimensions, give You new confidence and make those league nights much more fun.

That’s a pretty wild claim you may think, but read on until the end of this page and I will tell why I can say this with authority.

Talisman Billiards has over five years of experience in making layered cue tips. In that time we have learned a heck of a lot. We have experimented with so many different glue mixtures and production techniques. (you wouldn’t believe it.!!) From all of this we have perfected the process and have made a substantial investment in the latest technological machinery.

The results, the Talisman PRO and Talisman WB cue tips. These cue tips are a large step forward in comparison with what is available elsewhere on the market today. Our tips are consistent in quality and hardness, both between the hardness grades and from tip to tip. So many of the single layer tips currently on the market are so inconsistent, in some cases a percentage can’t even be used. Talisman consistency is the basis of our business and very strict quality control standards ensure that all products meet the rigid standards imposed. Our secret glue formula used with only the very highest quality raw materials have created cue tips that are just a dream to play with. You will notice this from the very first game you play, after having installed a Talisman. They may take an hour or two to initially settle down, during which time you may have to reshape a little. After that they should require very little maintenance.

I receive a lot of emails from customers letting me know how much better they think their cues play with a Talisman tip installed and some time ago I received a great story. I wanted to publish it on my website earlier but it got lost in all my different mail folders on an old computer after I had upgraded. Over the last year or so I have spent an afternoon here and there searching old hardisks, trying to find the message and this week I was finally successful. I would like to share it with you here.

Hi Tony,

I thought you might get a kick out of the reason for this extra order in the first place. One of the guys on the board, tommy t. sent some of us Talisman medium tips to try out since he won a bunch. about a month after mounting it a friend who is a very hot money shooter here borrowed that cue for a match. he then proceeded to hound me to sell him the cue, a mid priced j.pechauer, 3 years old. had to have that cue. he went all over trying out pechauer cues and none of them would do. finally, he showed up with a brand new, higher priced pechauer and just about forced me to trade my old one for it. even though he is a great shooter he hasn’t caught on yet that he paid $500 for a talisman med. tip. he is happy as he can be and is making money with that tip everyday.
Dan Jones, TX, USA

That’s a great story ain’t it! It’s so important to find a cue tip that “FEELS” right for you and that can complement the character of your fine custom cue. Once that happens, things just click and your confidence begins to rise. No more letting down the team on league games, difficult shots become effortless, and your game begins to take on a new dimension. No one knows this better than the cue makers themselves, and that is why slowly but surely many are now beginning to use Talisman cue tips as standard on their custom cues. They say other tips just do not do their cues justice.

Features of Our Tips


  • No Mushrooming.
  • Require little maintenance.
  • Superior ball control.
  • Precise english + masse.
  • Increased personal confidence.
  • Greater consistency.
  • Holds the chalk much longer.
  • Far outlasts single layer tips.
  • Latest technology – Highest Quality Standards.
  • 100% Satisfaction guarantee – or your money back.

The difference between these two ranges is the raw material used. The Talisman PRO is made from selected high quality pigskin and the Talisman WB from local bred, high grade buffalo hides, again only the very best material is selected from each hide. The other difference is in the feel of the tips, which is very, very difficult to explain in words. Overall the WB tips are a little firmer and they also last a little longer than the PRO tips. Both play really well, offer effortless english and masse with great control.

Talisman cue tips are very affordable, just think about the money you spend on your equipment and table time, the cost of a Talisman is so little in comparison with what you will receive in consistency and confidence, but not only that, our tips far outlast most other tips on the market by 200 - 300%. Many player report using the same tip for over two years and poolhalls tell me that my tips are lasting nearly a year on house cues. Remember also that all prices here are inclusive of shipping anywhere in the world. No hidden shiping costs or extra handling, what you see is what you pay.

Talisman Range of Cue Tips

Talisman Pro Snooker Cue Tips

Talisman Pro Pool Cue Tips

Talisman WB Snooker Cue Tips

Talisman WB Pool Cue Tips

Talisman Trinity Snooker Cue Tips

Talisman Trinity Pool Cue Tips

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