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Please take your time and read through some of the things people say about our products. The testimonials here are from players using Talisman, for testimonials from cue makers - click here. If your looking for testimonials from customers that have bought our new cue cases please click here
Tony, Well, were should I start....! I absolutely love the WB hard tips for my break cue and it has no signs of mushrooming at all. I like the report it gives me on a solit hit too. I tried using the hard tips for my playing cue with a pleasant suprise as they really grab the cue ball. However, I am using the medium's with better results. Some of the extreme english shots dont mis cue as much as when I had the hard tip on. It is interesting as I now wonder how playable the WB soft tips are....? I am completely satisfied and I think I might have to tell you I have found the tips I am sticking with for a long time. I love the towel and want to thank you for the little gift....! Your service is easy to use, delivery was fast and your product is simply FABULOUS. I tell everyone about your tips and I am planning on purchasing your black tribal cue case. I would rather purchase it directly from you as there are some places you can't trust.....Take care and be well! Lee A. Willman, Jr.
Hi Tony, I have shot a few weeks of league now and am very happy with my new tip. So much in fact, that I have already installed one of your tips on a friend's cue. He has also has told me that he is very happy with the new tip. I will do my best to spread the word. I think the tips are great and again, appreciate your follow up. Very easy to install and shape, and after a few games, keep their shape very good. Also, and most important, the "feel" is great. The only bad news is there is now one less thing to blame a bad shot on. Thanks Again. Wayne Steege
Hello Tony, I've been using your tips for about five years now but this is the first time I ordered directly from you. I love the domed tips. I'm a very active player playing 1-3 hours a day and tournaments every weekend. My last tips on my 2 shafts lasted over 2 years, never once lost their shape or mushroomed. I glued them on, trimmed them out, and NEVER had to touch them again-that's simply amazing!!! I'll never switch. You are a CLASS ACT Tony!!!! Dave Kotnik
Mr. Jones, I'm 100% satisfied with my purchase, and I'm really impressed with the improvement the Talisman cue tip has made in my game ! Much more english and consistency. Thanks for such an OUTSTANDING product !! Chaz Hodges
Hello Tony, The tips are every bit as good as the Moori's that I use to play with. Since I received you shipment I have switched to your medium tip and could not be happier. They are the most consistent tips I have every played with. Thanks for the great product. I will be a repeat customer. Thanks again. Richard Masters
Tony -- Talisman tips are a hit here. At the same time I bought from you, I ordered a stock of Tiger, Hercules, and Sumo tips, and of course I have Triangle, LePro, and Elk Masters for the cheapskates and house cues. But most of my customers want "One of them Talisman's like you put on Joe's stick." I'm using one of your buffalo Mediums on one of my playing cues, and it is every bit the match of the Moori I've had on my other stick for a year. I've ordered a couple of cues from Joe Barringer, and have specified Talismans on all four shafts. In other word's, chalk me up as a satisfied customer, and I've gotten no complaints from my retipping customers, either. Keep up the good work. Thanks! Rich (Kona Fats) Shewmaker
I have no problems what so ever with the purchase or installation of the tip. I cannot honestly say, 'wow' what a difference. I am going to live with it for a while and then swap back to my second shaft and see if I can feel a difference. I find sometimes it takes a while to live with something new to appreciate the difference. My game has improved, in particular my English, but I have been specifically working on it so I do not know if the tip is a contributing factor or not. Time will tell. I understand the Talisman is very consistent from tip to tip so I will probably stick with them even if I do not see a difference. I have read a lot of good comments on your tips from the Net. You are the first of any company to check back on their product, that is impressive by itself. Even Meucci did not check on my satisfaction of their high end cue. Neither did Olhausen or Champion Billiards check back on their table. Kudos to you, keep up the good work. Ron Kurtz Vienna, VA
Tony, I used to be a fairly good pool player back in the 60's and 70's. But since I haven't played for 25 years. It was a slow road back. Until I discovered Talisman Cue Tips. The mis-cues are almost completely gone and the english that was non-existent has come back at an amazing rate. These tips really work. Now I can concentrate on refining my game. Thanks. Jeff Hensley Crestline, CA
Tony just want to say thanks to Talisman i play much better and enjoy the sport more and more each time i shoot a ball and get that great tru-hit feeling. thanks. FUTURE PRO HOPEFULLY Jason Rico
Good day to you Tony i just wanted to say that so far so"GREAT" ...... I purchased the medium pro tips and have to say i love them and as for as the installation ,my cuemaker had not a problem installing them at all ... Also I have introduced them at my local billiard halls and the response has been good so far. Keep up the great work .... John E.Farrington III Q's R Us
Dear Tony, I still cannot believe how great the tips are!! They are simply perfect. At my first tournament after purchasing the talisman tips ,(Official Istanbul Championship) I was the second and I have been telling all my buddies about the talisman tips. Thank you once again. Vedat ILEL Istanbul, Turkey
I am pleased beyond all my expectations. My game has improved just from the fact that the tip plays so consistently, even on days with varying humidity. I gave one of the tips as a gift to a player and converted him, and I recommend them to everyone who asks for advice. My only concern is for your profits, as the tip wears so well I will not need to purchase them nearly as often as my previous brand. An occasional mild scuffing is all that I have required... to not have to do nightly tip maintenance is such a pleasure. Thank you for a fabulous product! Richard Sanders Hutto, TX
THANK YOU! I just received my recent order and was surprised to find a few EXTRA goodies in the delivery! I can use the 'point-of-sale' decals and the T-shirt and towel is a real bonus. So far, there has been only one tip that a customer did not like. He said to install a 'hard' talisman and it was too hard for his liking! I replaced it with a 'medium' and he was really satisfied! I sold the only 'extra hard' tip I had to a customer who wanted "the best and hardest tip for breaking ... that wouldn't mushroom"! He returned to the shop for some other work and he commented " that's the hardest and most durable he had ever had on any of his cues"! He said he was 100% satisfied and "it breaks a rack of 9-ball like I've never seen"! Now THAT is what I like to hear.... THANKS AGAIN Larry Webb - Owner, Pool Cue Repair, Lexington, SC
I can't believe how good these tips really are!! I have now used both the Talisman PRO hard and the Talisman WB hard, they are a little different in feel, but both play so well, I will never use another brand. Great customer service as well Simon Waits Portland, OR
Your PRO tips are by far the best I've ever used. For Jump, masse, and draw shots it's critical to have a good tip on the end of your stick. I like consistancy in my game and your tips help make that happen. Dedicated Customer. Fernando Martinez
I'm writing you to let you know that I have received my tips.They are everything a that your webpage says they should be. This is the first tip that I have been satisfied with. Thanks again. Chad
I Recently Bought A Richard Harris/Bluegrass Cue With A Moori Tip..After About 4 Hours Of Play I Cut Off The Moori And Glued On A Hard Talisman Pro Tip.....Now It Plays Like A Dream!!!!!! Hit'Em Sweet. Tony Steele
I use my cuestick every day to make my living playing and teaching pool to thousands of people every year. I love my Talisman tips! When Talisman tips are equal to the Moori tips, both in reliability and playability, but at a much lower cost, why play with anything else? Scott Lee. BCA qualified Billiards Instructor (Click for details)
I have been using your medium tip for a couple of weeks.I am very satisfied with it.I am surprised how much of a difference this tip has made. I can get a lot more english with them, especially spinning or masse. I left my friends try it and they are impressed. Thank you. John Cols. Ohio.
Just put a Talisman Pro Medium tip on one of my cues and tried it out today. It has that incredible combination of responsiveness and cushioning that players look for in a tip. Draw and english are effortless and the tip maintains its shape well. H. Albaugh
Received the tips last week and put the medium on my shooting stick and the hard on my break cue. Both tips installed easily, trimmed nicely and polished to a very high luster. Since then I have put about 30 hours of hard 9-ball action on both cues and my humble opinion is that these tips are winners! Bluegrazz
I have installed the WB on one cue for me and another for a friend. Please note that I am a picky S.O.B. when I state the this is a terrific tip. I play mostly w/Moori MH & H. The WB has the crispness and great "feel" of the Moori H, but I have suffered much fewer miscues. It holds it's shape well. I control draw shot speed as well as the Moori. It has a crisp sound as well! (this is actually important to me). Several friends have tried a few strokes and would like me to install tips for them also...and I haven't even gotten to the Pro H! David Barber is building me a shaft due soon so I sent him one to install. Mike McClenin
The only Talisman products I have used so far are the Pro Tips. I have nothing but good things to say there. The tips are excellent, they take chalk well, shape easily and hold it very well, providing a minimum of maintenance. Great spin and control. I have the (H) on my break stick, and a (M) on my playing stick. I get about 3-4 hrs a nite on the player, a little less on the break stick. In fact I just returned from a trip to Texas, where I played in a couple of local tourney's and was asked about the tips I was using. I told them about your web site, hopefully they'll follow though. Thanks. Mike Jordan - Khrystal Bullett Billiards
Tony, Thanks to all of you at Talisman, I received your tips a week ago, and put the hard tip on my playing cue. I have been very happy with it so far, but have only played about six or seven times with it. I break with it, and play with it, and haven't had to reshape the sides for mushrooming yet, and have only shaped the top a couple times. I like the tip a lot, but wouldn't say it's that hard. It's about right for me, but I would like to try a harder one too. I am not sure about playing with the medium, but I think I'll put it on another cue, and see how I like it. I found your tips easy to install, and they accepted glue well, and were easy to shape. I do use a lathe, and am a cuemaker, so I have dealt with a lot of tips. These are my first laminated tips though, and they are much better than I imagined they would be. I was concerned about the joints between the layers of leather, and if they would make a slick spot on the tip, or a hard spot, that would form a ridge under serious play. I found both of these concerns to be groundless, and find the hit to be great at any position on the tip, and the grip on the cueball is as good as any tip I have played with. I am a fan of your products now, and will continue to use them. Thanks again. PJ far so good.......I purchased a Pro hard and medium tip and put each on a shaft. They play great........not much difference from the Moori tips I had previously.......just a major difference in cost and wear. The Talismans don't seem to wear as quickly as the Moori tips. Have been referring to everyone who cares to listen........take care. Scott
I was initially concerned about buying over the Internet, you being in Thailand and all. But I've got to tell you I am SUPER SATISFIED. The tips are all you said they are, my game has definetley improved and the new case I just got is beautiful. Wish you all the best - people like you deserve all the business you can get. Steve V.
TRUST TONY and TRUST TALISMAN. Great products and the best service. They are a pleasure to deal with. J. West, Oregon

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