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Cue Makers Testimonials

Please take a look at the testimonials we have here from our regular Cue Maker customers. These guys all know a good product when they see one.
I am searching for the very best tip for my cues in as much as the tip determines how the cue plays and hits. It really is one of the most important parts of any cue. A tip can make or break a cue. The better the tip, the better the cue. Moori's were the best. YOURS ARE BETTER. Paul Dayton -
Just wanted to let you know how much I loved your tips. These are the best I have ever used with no mushrooming or loss of shape, and it doesn't take much to scuff it. I have been making cues a long time and I have now decided to switch to the Talisman Pro tips for all my custom cues. - Keith Josey -
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Whenever tips are mentioned on the newsgroup I let everyone know how impressed that I am with them. I have been using them exclusively on the cues that I build. Thank you - Dick, RHN Custom Billiard Cues
I would have no problem writing up some good things to say about your tips. I always recommend your tips when someone ask what I think they should get. Talisman tips are the only tips that I am putting on my cues now. - Chris Whitaker, Chris' Cues
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Tony, Just want to let you know that I really like talisman tips,they grip the ball great and hold their shape and don`t mushroom. Of all the different kinds of tips that I install, Talisman is the one that players ask for the most on return visits. Thanks, Dan Trogdon -
We are constantly looking for ways to improve our cues. We found one in the Talisman laminate tip. Bruce Kuhn -

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