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Cue Makers

Below you will find links to quality Cue Makers who use Talisman Cue Tips. Please use these links and support these fine folks.

Also check out our cue makers testimonials, click here to see what quality cue makers have to say about Talisman Cue tips

A E Cues

Bruce Kuhn and Jeff Fugal have been building the highest quality custom cues for over 10 years. They do all the work themselves, using only the finest materials and equipment available. They feel the measure of a cue is in how well it plays, and the pride you have in owning it. To achieve their goals required mastering the details, both in the construction and engineering that can't always be seen , as well as the inlay and finish fwork that is seen.

Arnot Q Custom Cues

Fine Custom Cues, Jump-Break Cues, Break Cues, TerminatorShaftT3, Cuemaker’s School, Talisman Tips, Laminated Shaft Blanks, Exotic Hardwood.

Blue Grass Cues

Blue Grass Cues is a small company, consisting of myself and my wife, Donna. We make less than 40 cues per year. We believe in the old fashioned way of making cues, no computerized equipment, just hard work and lots of time. My greatest concern is the playability of our cues, Blue Grass Cues are engineered to shoot very straight and to give a pool player maximum control of the cue ball. Every Blue Grass Cue is hand-crafted to the best of our ability and must meet our strict quality control. Richard Harris

Chris's Cues

Quality custom cues by Chris Whitaker email for more details

Cramer Cues

"Quality handbuilt cues at an affordable price."


Dan Trogdon Custom Cues

"Quality custom cues at a reasonable price"

Dayton Cues

I have been building and playing with Custom Cues for more than 40 years and believe that my work speaks for itself. Enjoy my Catalog of Custom Cues and visit often as I continually add new Custom Cues to my expanding catalog. Paul Dayton

Dzuricky Custom Cues

My cues are built with well-seasoned wood on a solid design that is durable and repeatable. This consistency allows me to make my joints accurately enough that my shafts are interchangeable. I try to make each cue just a little bit different, even the basic designs that are the most popular. For the fancier cues, I start with the customer's ideas and modify the design into something that it is practical to machine & inlay. For several years now, I've been designing and building custom Joint Protectors that match your cue or mine. Bob Dzuricky


Hercek Fine Billiard Cues

"Built on a solid foundation"
All Hercek cue's are built on Joel's full splice blanks. Every cue is a custom order, built to the customer's specifications. Each cue is a one-of-a-kind, limited only by your imagination.

Josey Cues

Each handmade Josey cue is crafted to meet exacting standards of form and function to produce a cue with superior playability. Custom designs, using inlays such as mother of pearl, exotic woods, and precious stones, assure that each cue is also a one-of-a-kind work of art.

Judd's Custom Cues

Judd's Custom Cues is a world-class crafter of fine cue sticks. recognized by professionals as true instruments of the sport of Billiards, Judd cues are known for their excellent playability, exotic woods and beautifully designed inlays.

Kilby Cues

Ron Kilby is one of a very few cuemakers in the U.S. who focuses his art on the carom cue rather than pool. His site includes his philosophy as well as cues available, and an important page on refurbishing old Brunswick billiard tables with new European rails.



LM ITALIA TEAM is a historic Italian company known worldwide for its cues (mainly from 5 pins). The greatest players in the specialty 5 pins have played and won using cues LM ITALIA.  On its top products, even LM ITALY decided to use the Talisman Tips.
Davide, CEO of the company, says: "for my cues I always choose the best materials; here's the reason why I decided to use Talisman Tips".


Sheldon Lebow Cues

If you are looking for a quality cue that is built to your specs, check out our web you can find out about my cues, the prices, what repairs I offer, and lots of info about me. Check out the gallery page for pictures of some of the cues I have made. I would be happy to talk with you about custom designs. Sheldon Lebow

Sherm Custom Cues

I started my "cuesmithing" over 15 years ago. I've always been fascinated with the sport of billiards and came to the conclusion that I had much more talent in cue making than playing the game itself! Sherm Adamson

Check out our cue makers testimonials, click here  to see what quality cue makers have to say about Talisman Cue tips.

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