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Scott Lee

Internationally Famous Pocket Billiard Instructor & Trick Shot Artist


The Traveling College of Billiard Knowledge.


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Scott is a protégé of Jack White and a BCA certified Advanced Instructor. He is available for various promotional functions and can be contacted by email on or Check out his new website

To get a better idea of Scott's talents and enthusiasm for the game please read this short bio that he sent me.

Imagine an 18 yr. old American boy who had NEVER even played a game of pool! That's how this journey starts. Growing up around Chicago, and being a snow skier, and racer, I attended college in Colorado on a ski-racing scholarship. I had never been introduced to pool...that is until Internationally Famous Trick Shot Artist Jack White showed up at my school in 1971 to do a show. My jaw literally hit the floor after watching him make balls disappear, all the while, making the cue ball dance around the table, like it was on the end of string! That did it! I now HAD to learn how to play this game! After giving me a few tips, and suggesting buying Mosconi's little red book, I dove headfirst into the game. When I returned to Chicago the next summer, I sought out the Billiard Congress of America HQ (which was in Chicago at the time), and asked them to steer me to someone who could give me professional lessons. They suggested an older gentleman on the NW side of Chicago, by the name of Frank Oliva. I went to Frank twice a week for lessons for the next two summers, all the while, practicing and playing in tournaments against many excellent Chicago players, including Dallas West, Wendall Weir, and Leon Ledford, among others.
By the time I got out of college, I decided to play pool on the road for a living. Having maintained my friendship with Jack White, I learned a lot about how to gamble pool effectively, and traveled around the country for a few years. As is true in many things, you don't necessarily have to be the best at something to make a living...just intelligent! During this time, I lived quite well, never having to spend nights in my car, or eating cheap food. However, like most pool players, I never saved much, and usually just had my BR (bankroll) to stake me. I never accepted offers from stakehorses to back me, and never dumped a game to try to cheat somebody. I also NEVER hustled anybody in my life! I had more moral character than that, and never pretended that I couldn't play, just to get somebody to bet. During this time, I played many famous and not-so-famous pool players, losing to some and beating others, but never failing to learn SOMETHING new from each experience.

Jim S, Scott Lee, and Chris Cass

After tiring of the people who 'live on the edge', as many gamblers do, I learned that I had an affinity for teaching. This led to developing a pool class at my alma mater, and then again, in more detail when I moved to Montana in the 80's. At Montana State University I developed a teaching program that turned out a Collegiate National Champion, as well as an 2nd and 3rd place finisher at the national level. Over the years I have taught and coached several men and women, who have gone on to win national titles in 8-ball and 9-ball

In 1993, having still maintained a friendship with Jack White, I was contacted by Mr. White regarding the possibility of taking over his tour (which had grown over decades to become the largest, most successful pool tour, for an individual). I took over Mr. White's tour in 1995, after traveling with him for much of 1994, and now perform at over 100 colleges and universities annually, across the United States, living on the road for up to 250 days a year. My teaching workshops and trick shot shows have been seen at military bases, poolrooms, and higher learning institutions everywhere.

I have had the benefit of experience and instruction from many fine pool players and teachers, over the years, including Mr. Oliva, Mr. White, famed BCA instructor Jerry Briesath, and trick shot artists Willie Jopling, Tom Rossman, and Mike Massey. As a lifelong student of the game, I continue to expand my knowledge, and share it with others everywhere I go. After becoming a BCA certified instructor almost 10 yrs. ago, I have continually been involved with higher learning concerning all aspects of billiard games, and now, at the advanced level, I promote play and teach all ability levels, from beginner to expert.

Being one of the 'newer' guys out there making it happen, I am very fortunate to be able to make a very nice living do a job I am so passionate about. I cannot wait to get up every morning and go to work! I always put on an entertaining and educational performance. I hope to see you out there "on the tables"!

Scott Lee (

The Traveling College of Billiard Knowledge

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