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Playing Billiards

Introduction Billiards is a game that seems simple, but is actually quite complex and challenging. There is a lot to learn and perfecting the game can take years. Perhaps you may have played billiards in your local pub or community center for fun, but now you want to get serious about the game and improve your skills. If you are looking to learn the basics of billiards, this article will get you started. A Beginner’s Guide to Playing Billiards Before You Take a Shot Preparing for the shot begins well before you line up your pool cue. First of all,...

Mar 21, 2015

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The Art of English in Billiards

When you strike a stationery cue ball, the very act of striking will almost always induce some level of English, or spin, in the cue ball. Understanding the effects of English, and learning to exploit the phenomenon is essential to becoming a better billiards player. To strike a cue ball without inducing any English, it is necessary to make contact with the exact center of the cue ball with a completely horizontal cue trajectory. It will be obvious to even beginners that achieving a dead center strike with a completely flat trajectory is simply physically impossible a lot of the...

Aug 11, 2014

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